HR Works: How To Build Championship Mindsets in Your Organization

We often look to sport teams for examples of engagement and passion and motivation, and we use sports metaphors for several workplace situations. In keeping with the start of the NFL season this week, a few of the many football metaphors used in business include “kicking off” a new project or product planning process, “Monday morning quarterbacking” a decision, “dropping the ball,” pitching a “hail Mary” or even “dancing in the end zone” after a success.

Amber Selking, PhD, has worked with sports professionals on building championship mindsets, and she’s translated what she learned into the business context.

In a fascinating interview on episode 41 of HR Works: The Podcast for Human Resources, Dr. Selking explains the concept of a championship mindset—not just as a mental state of mind, but in actual physical changes in the brain when our thoughts are positive—and the building blocks required to achieve one.