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Challenges and Strategies for Giving Feedback to Gen Z

Providing feedback to Gen Z employees can be uniquely challenging for managers. As the youngest generation in the workforce, Gen Z has distinct characteristics and communication preferences that can differ significantly from older generations. And yet, finding a way to connect with this generation is essential for the future of every business, because Gen Z […]

New Data Highlights Financial Toll of Toxic Workplaces

A toxic workplace can quietly drain a company’s resources, morale, and financial health. While most business leaders and people managers recognize toxic workplaces are bad for business, workplace toxicity is typically seen as a metric that’s hard to quantify. That can make it difficult to prompt corrective action. According to the new “State of Workplace […]

3 Strategies for Fostering Camaraderie in Remote Teams

Many organizations operate with a remote or hybrid workforce in today’s digital age. While this flexibility offers numerous benefits, it can also present challenges in fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among employees who may rarely, if ever, physically interact with one another. With effective strategies, it is possible to create a culture of collaboration […]

Valuing Transparency: When Employees Disclose Their Job Search

One’s job often feels like a core part of their being. After all, full-time workers spend roughly half of their waking hours working and tend to stay at the same job for years on end. That’s why it can be such a momentous decision for an employee and such a big shock for an employer […]

The Human Advantage: Why Soft Skills Are Crucial in the Age of AI

AI is here, and it will change work as we know it. While some believe AI may replace large numbers of jobs, others argue it will not significantly change the demand for labor, just transform it, and potentially even improve the experience, and quality, of that work. It is only reasonable for such uncertainty to […]

Agility in Leadership Communication

Leading teams requires heightened focus in today’s business environment. Communication, one of the most fundamental leadership abilities, requires us to continually assess and advance how we are managing our interactions and connections with our people. It Starts With “Me” Based on my years of collaborating with numerous leaders, I have found that there is a direct […]

Faces of HR: Michele Silverman on Championing Well-Being at Veterinary Innovative Partners

Michele Silverman isn’t your average HR leader. With two decades of experience, she’s not just a master of policy and procedure but also an architect of meaningful employee experiences. At Veterinary Innovative Partners (VIP), a network of over 40 veterinarian-owned-and-operated hospitals across nine states, her mission is clear: to empower veterinarians and their teams to […]

Recruiting and Retention: Bridging the Gap, Part One

The biggest challenge facing CNOs these days is the workforce shortage. Not only are there not enough nurses entering the industry, but there are also many tenured nurses who are leaving the profession or retiring, and taking their knowledge with them. Nursing leaders must implement creative solutions to recruit and retain nurses of all generations […]

How to Boost Team Morale Amid Digital Evolution

In the rapidly changing landscape brought on by digital advancements, companies often focus primarily on adopting the latest technologies and automating processes. However, the cornerstone of any successful organization — its employees — should not be ignored. This article outlines proven strategies to ensure that your workforce remains a priority, even as technological changes sweep […]

Healthcare Leaders Shares Best Practices for Communicating with Unions

Right now, it seems like every day there are new cases of workers striking or unionizing all across the country. Healthcare is no exception: nurses everywhere are going on strike. Nurses are frustrated, and the recent union activity is indicative of large, widespread problems in the nursing industry with staffing, work environment, and nurse wellbeing. […]