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Recruiting and Retention: Bridging the Gap, Part One

The biggest challenge facing CNOs these days is the workforce shortage. Not only are there not enough nurses entering the industry, but there are also many tenured nurses who are leaving the profession or retiring, and taking their knowledge with them. Nursing leaders must implement creative solutions to recruit and retain nurses of all generations […]

How to Boost Team Morale Amid Digital Evolution

In the rapidly changing landscape brought on by digital advancements, companies often focus primarily on adopting the latest technologies and automating processes. However, the cornerstone of any successful organization — its employees — should not be ignored. This article outlines proven strategies to ensure that your workforce remains a priority, even as technological changes sweep […]

Healthcare Leaders Shares Best Practices for Communicating with Unions

Right now, it seems like every day there are new cases of workers striking or unionizing all across the country. Healthcare is no exception: nurses everywhere are going on strike. Nurses are frustrated, and the recent union activity is indicative of large, widespread problems in the nursing industry with staffing, work environment, and nurse wellbeing. […]

Healthcare CNOs Share Strategies for Healthier Work Environments

What is a healthy work environment? A large part of nurse dissatisfaction involves working in poor conditions. Nurses are overworked because of staffing shortages, they’re exhausted by heavy workloads, and they’re often dealing with workplace violence and other external disruptors. A healthy work environment is necessary for nurses to thrive, and for patients to get […]

4 Tips on Building Resilient Teams

With all the ups and downs that businesses are experiencing, a resilient team can be a meaningful asset to your organization. There are unprecedented challenges we have to overcome like the pandemic and the rise of remote work, but then there are more common roadblocks that can cause your teams to struggle. Think about the […]

5 Crucial Skills You’ll Gain When You Work Toward Understanding Marginalized Employees

“How we show up with others is really a reflection of how we view ourselves.” My grandmother used to offer this piece of wisdom, and as we think about our diversity advocacy, it is worth remembering that our equity and belonging work is not about saving others as much as it is about growing and […]

Best of Learning & Development 2023

At the end of the day, employees are a company’s biggest asset. Learning & Development initiatives are just one of many ways to help bring out your workers’ potential. LinkedIn found that 83% of organizations want to build a people-first culture, and 81% of L&D departments are helping to make that happen. As we near […]

Leveraging Team Psychology to Drive Stellar Performance

To understand what teamwork means, consider your favorite rock band, which consists of individuals with a variety of skills and experiences that complement one another and function cohesively toward a shared goal of delivering great music. Contrast, for example, a band with enduring popularity such as U2 to any number of ‘supergroups’–instances where already famous […]

The Value of Bilingualism and Multilingualism in the Workplace

In today’s globalized business landscape, the ability to communicate across linguistic barriers is more than just a nice-to-have—it’s a competitive imperative. As businesses expand their reach, the value of bilingualism and multilingualism in the workplace becomes increasingly evident. But with the rise of translation tools, is human multilingualism still as crucial as it once was? […]

Making It Count: Tips for Effective Email Communication

Email is woven into our work lives. It’s important, and we should treat it as important, so we need to take a minute to think about making it more effective. Here are three suggestions. Suggestion #1: Respond Somewhere along the line, email made us forget basic manners, but its ease of use is to blame, […]