HR Works: A Recruiting Plan That Doesn’t Require LinkedIn or Job Boards


When HR professionals and hiring managers need to fill a slot, what do they do? They go to LinkedIn and job boards. According to the guest of this episode, such an approach may not be going far enough. In fact, they might be a big waste of time.

This episode features Michael “Batman” Cohen. He is the Founder of Wayne Technologies, a contract sourcing and recruitment training organization. His unique approach to sourcing is one based on deliverables, transparent data, and using multiple sources/platforms to find the greatest diversity and quality of candidates.

Michael is also going to be speaking at our annual RecruitCon 2020 in Kissimmee, Florida on November 10th at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center. The session is called “Recruiting Hacks” and Michael’s talk during that session is called “Innovative Ways to Use Tech Tools to Reduce Time-to-Fill.” Additionally, RecruitCon will be co-located with two of our other events, HR Comply and Workforce L&D. A pass to HR World, which combines all three events is also available.