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Revisiting Your Training Program

Employee training can be time-consuming, and employees in any field are incentivized and encouraged to find efficiencies wherever possible. It’s therefore not surprising that many companies end up using the same training materials year after year.


Mentorship Programs and Leadership Rehearsals

Many companies use mentorship or “buddy” programs to help with onboarding efforts or as part of the employee development plan for the mentee or the junior person in the mentor/buddy relationship.


Workplaces Function Better When They Are Civil

In part one of this article series I was discussing workplace civility with expert Colleen Passard. Here we will discuss how civility has changed over the last 10 to 15 years as well as some tips for improving workplace civility.


Using Microlearning to Fill Learning Gaps

In an ideal world, organizations would provide in-depth and ongoing training to employees throughout their careers, ensuring that all employees have extensive time dedicated to learning the skills that will help them thrive.


8 Ways to Engage Employees in Workforce Development Processes

It’s hard enough finding new employees with the potential to excel in an organization’s work environment. But on top of the basic recruitment, employees also need to be trained and kept engaged to ensure they can perform to their full ability—and that they will remain productive.


Effective Time Management Techniques

The saying “time is money” may be cliché, but like many such phrases, it’s cliché because it’s true. In an economy where employees are paid by the hour or the year, companies are literally paying for time. In fact, in an economy that is increasingly service-focused, labor costs can amount to as much as 70% of […]