HR Works Podcast: Make Your Employee Holiday Party Festive, Safe & Incident-Free

HR Works Podcast


The holiday season is nearly upon us, and for many employers, that means it’s time to plan the end of year company party. According to a recent BLR survey, nearly 3 in 4 companies provide a year-end celebration of some kind to celebrate the holidays or just say ‘thank you’ to their employees.

When planning a company party, the focus is naturally on event details such as when and where the party will be held, what food will be served and how to ensure a pleasant outing for employees, while likely working within a budget. But what can often get overlooked in the planning process are legal considerations—and the potential liability for employers if something goes wrong during, or in some cases even after, the event.

To shed some light on these issues and provide tips and best practices on how to ensure your organization’s year-end event is safe and incident-free, we’ve asked Michelle Lee Flores of Cozen O’ Connor to join us.

Michelle focuses her practice on all aspects of employment litigation, including jury and bench trials, arbitration, mediation and pre-litigation negotiations involving sex, race, religion, age and disability harassment and discrimination, and wage and hour violations, including class actions, and wrongful termination.

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