HR Works Podcast: Revamp Your Onboarding Experience to Improve Retention and Productivity

HR Works Podcast


Onboarding—a dull, boring day or two of introductions and filling out paperwork? It doesn’t have to be that way. In today’s workplace, onboarding (or orientation as we used to call it) goes a lot farther—done right, it brings big rewards in retention and productivity.

As president of her talent management and leadership development consulting company, Performance ReNEW, our guest Natasha Bowman helps employers develop their next generation of organizational leaders. Moreover, as Director of Education & Organizational Development at White Plains (New York) Hospital, Natasha has launched a new onboarding program called WOW that’s been very successful.

Natasha will be presenting on the topic of onboarding at BLR’s upcoming LearningCon conference in Las Vegas November 7 & 8.

It this podcast, Natasha provides details of her WOW onboarding program and explains to listeners how to get more positive, impactful and long-lasting results from their onboarding process.

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