HR Works Podcast: Create Accountability in the Workplace to Drive Organizational Success

HR Works Podcast


Everyone talks about accountability in the workplace, but few of us are confident that we have fully established accountability throughout our organizations. To help HR gain some concrete knowledge of personal accountability and why it’s an important element of a successful organization, we’ve asked Kelli Hinshaw to join us.

Kelli is VP of Strategic Development at Cy Wakeman, who provides actionable ways that change the way her audiences lead and approach their personal and work life. She leads Reality-Based Leadership consulting and training engagements across the United States, and she combines her business acumen with expertise in coaching individuals and teams to lead large scale M&A and business readiness projects, conduct strategic planning, and drive culture changes.

She was awarded the Training Magazine “Emerging Training Leader Award” for her demonstrated leadership in developing, facilitating and generating strong ROI from her training programs.

Kelli will be speaking on organizational readiness for change at BLR’s upcoming Advanced Employment Issues Symposium in Las Vegas in November.

In this episode of HR Works: The Podcast for HR Professionals, Kelli addresses topics such as:

  • The elements of the competency of accountability
  • How to determine if a job candidate demonstrates personal accountability
  • “Hardwiring” accountability throughout an organization
  • The connection between accountability and engagement
  • How to measure accountability

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