In A World of Competition, A Little Collaboration Goes a Long Way

Whether the topic is recruiting, human resources, or leadership, the businesses that lead in these fields are in constant competition. They might compete to get more business, to get the best hires, or to have the best brand. The powerful market force of competition, however, has a twin force: collaboration.

‘On-Call’ and ‘Call-In’ Work Schedules: Advantages and Disadvantages for Employers (Video)

What are the benefits for employers for instituting variable work schedules for their employees such as call-in shifts and on-call status?  How do these schedules work?  Who uses them?  And why have some major employers recently abandoned such practices? Speaking to an audience of HR professionals and employers at BLR’s Advanced Employment Law Symposium (AEIS), […]

Video: How to Avoid the Dangerous Practice of ‘Make Up’ FMLA Leave

As an employment law attorney who specializes in FMLA, Stacie Caraway of Miller & Martin PLLC has heard from many well-meaning employers who want to help out their employees (who may claim, for example, that taking FMLA creates a financial hardship) by allowing them to ‘make up’  time they take for FMLA leave.  The one […]

Video: FMLA Eligibility Mistakes Can Be a Landmine for Employers

As HR professionals know, the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave is one of the most confusing and complex areas of employment law.  There are many aspects of leave management that can be legal landmines for employers who don’t administer leave or communicate their policies effectively. Speaking to an audience of employers and HR […]

Video: Why Should Employers Consider Offering Paid Sick Leave?

As more and more states and cities adapt paid sick leave laws or ordinances, employers that operate in multiple states will increasingly find themselves with a section of their workforce covered by such laws.  Might it be easier and simpler for such employers to adopt a global policy, extending paid leave to all of  its […]

Video: Business Readiness Tools to Prepare Your Team for ‘What’s Next’

How can you get your workforce onboard with changes in the workplace that they need to embrace in order to maximize their potential and productivity?  How do you bypass the “ego”—the part in all of us that rears its head when confronted with change by resisting and saying things like “this will never work”? Speaking […]

Video: Why Employers Should Focus on ‘Business Readiness’ When Implementing Change

Traditionally, when employers have sought to prepare their work teams for big upcoming changes—e.g. new processes, a new organizational structure, new software, etc—in the workplace, the focus has been on “change management.”  Speaking to an audience of human resources (HR) and employers at BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (AEIS) in Las Vegas, keynote speaker Kelli […]

Improving Your HR System: What Management Needs to Know

By Tom Sonde, president, SilverRoad Solutions Just about every HR department wishes management would do something to improve their HR system. Studies have reported that up to 80% of companies are unhappy with their systems. So why isn’t senior management doing something about it?