Improving Your HR System: What Management Needs to Know

By Tom Sonde, president, SilverRoad Solutions

Just about every HR department wishes management would do something to improve their HR system. Studies have reported that up to 80% of companies are unhappy with their systems. So why isn’t senior management doing something about it?

The reasons vary but the two most common are 1) they know it’s an issue but do not realize how bad it really is and 2) they do not understand what improvements are realistically possible.

Most members of senior management don’t realize just how inefficient their systems and related processes are. They share a frustration in not getting things accomplished quickly or exactly as they would like, but rarely are they made aware of what is and is not working properly. At times even middle management does not have an accurate read of just how inefficient day-to-day processes are. HR departments shoulder the burden and have learned to adjust to their systems shortcomings.

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