Video: Why Employers Should Focus on ‘Business Readiness’ When Implementing Change

Traditionally, when employers have sought to prepare their work teams for big upcoming changes—e.g. new processes, a new organizational structure, new software, etc—in the workplace, the focus has been on “change management.” 

Speaking to an audience of human resources (HR) and employers at BLR’s Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (AEIS) in Las Vegas, keynote speaker Kelli Hinshaw of Reality-Based Leadership, argues that change management is a transactional concept that helps people cope with and survive change, placing burden on the leadership team to do the heavy lifting. What employers should focus on instead, says Hinshaw, is “business readiness”—a transformational process that aims to make change less disruptive to the business and requires employees to quickly align and adapt. 

In this video, Hinshaw provides business leaders and HR with advice on how to both reduce resistance to change and turn your employees into advocates and drivers of change.

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