Leadership Lessons from a Former POW: A Q&A with Lee Ellis

Yesterday, we heard from JB Training Solutions president Brad Karsh on how storytelling can boost the effectiveness of training. Today, we present a Q&A with Lee Ellis, whose compelling story as a former prisoner of war (POW) provides the background for his unique insights into leadership development. Ellis, a nationally recognized leadership consultant, award-winning author, […]

Get Your Engagement in High Gear!

In yesterday’s Advisor, consultant Nicole Price presented 3 faulty assumptions about employee engagement. So, how do you fix it? Today we hear some tips from Price on getting (and keeping) your engagement efforts on track. Nicole Price, vice president of training at Cy Wakeman, Inc., in Elkhorn, Nebraska, offered her tips at the 2014 Advanced […]

Employee Engagement—Avoid These 3 Fatal Flaws

Engagement—it’s the key to employee growth and development. Moreover, engagement drives results, right? It’s not that easy, says Vice President of Training Nicole Price of Cy Wakeman, Inc. Personal accountability must be a part of the engagement equation. Price offered her tips at the 2014 Advanced Employment Issues Symposium (AEIS)—register now to attend this year’s […]

Seven-Figure Sales Reps—Final Best Practices

On Wednesday and Thursday, sales guru Joseph DiMisa looked at what organizations can do to help their reps push closer to the million-dollar threshold. To wrap up the week, Dimisa presents some final best practices of seven-figure sales reps. Once an organization has reps with the right competencies and has “decontaminated” their time, the next […]

The Top 10 Time-Wasters Keeping Your Sales Reps from the Million-Dollar Mark

In yesterday’s Advisor, sales expert Joseph DiMisa outlined how to determine the right competencies for million-dollar sales reps; today, DiMisa shares tips on how to keep your reps spending their time productively as they strive for the seven-figure mark. With over 20 years of experience working in all aspects of sales, DiMisa is Sibson’s Sales […]

The Risks of Contingent Workers

In yesterday’s Advisor, business consultant Bridget Miller presented some of the benefits of recruiting contingent workers for your organization. Today, Miller highlights the risks involved. What Are the Risks? There can be downsides to having contingent workers. Here are some of the concerns: Employee morale may be affected. Depending on the implementation of a contingent […]

Contingent Workers—Are They Right for Your Organization?

Have you heard the term “contingent worker”? What does that mean? Who does it include? Business consultant Bridget Miller has some answers for us regarding this special type of new hire. In practical terms, a “contingent worker” would be any worker who is hired just for a specific job or task (a “contingent” piece of […]

Job Available But No One Cares? Alabama Utility Got the Message (Video)

Rob McElroy stresses that employers shouldn’t blindly follow a job description or list of required qualifications or experience when filling positions. In fact, he is proof of what he speaks. The general manager of Daphne (Alabama) Utilities had no experience in the field when he signed on with the then-flailing utility in 2005. One particularly […]