HR Works Podcast: Can HR Be Both Product-Minded and People-Centric?

Guest: Jessica Zwaan, speaker, author, HR thought-leader, and Chief Operating Officer at Whereby

Is it time to start looking at the employee experience as a subscription product? What advantages can organizations and their workplace cultures gain by taking a product-management approach to leading people?

In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we examine this innovative, product-influenced approach to people operations with Jessica Zwaan, an author, speaker, HR thought-leader and COO of Whereby. With extensive experience leading global people and talent teams across the startup and technology space, Jessica is introducing philosophies that are common across product management teams and demonstrating their broader application across entire workforces.  Listen as she shares how HR leaders can improve their workforce performance by embracing evidence-based decision making, while establishing a culture of continuous feedback and iteration.

We also take a closer look at her latest release, Built for Peoplea must-have guide for leaders looking to proactively develop an employee experience which attracts, engages and retains the talent the business needs and supports them to operate at their full potential.

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