HR Works Podcast: Workplace Vaccine Issues

As many employers are pushing for a return to the workplace, often in a hybrid capacity, employees are naturally cautious about their safety and security. In episode 165 of HR Works, we talk about workplace vaccine issues in general, and specifically about vaccine passports.

Today’s guest is Dr. Dena Bravata, Chief Medical Officer at Castlight Health. Dr. Bravata is the Co-Founder of Lyra Health where she also served as the chief Medical Officer from 2015 to 2016. She was the Chief Medical Officer and Head of Products at Castlight Health from 2009 through 2014. Dr. Bravata was a practicing internist for 16 years in her own private practice and an attending physician at Stanford University in the Palo Alto VA. As a Senior Research Scientist in Stanford Center for Primary Care and Outcomes Research, and a nationally recognized health services researcher, Dr. Bravata has published widely on the clinical effectiveness of a variety of key clinical and public health topics.

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