HR Works Podcast: Improving Corporate Culture Through Improv

Guest: Erin Diehl, Founder and CEO, Improve It!

Today’s podcast is part of the HR Daily Advisor’s HR Corporate Culture Week, taking place all this week (October 25th – October 29th). Throughout the week, we’ll be offering a unique slate of informative and exciting content covering the various aspects of corporate culture.

Tune in for an exciting episode of our award-winning podcast, HR Works, where host Josh Zygmont interviews Erin Diehl, founder and CEO of professional development company, Improve It!  Learn how Erin embraces a mindset of “failfluence” and uses improvisational comedy tactics to create cultures of trust, teamwork, and collaboration across some of the largest organizations in the business world.

For further coverage and learning opportunities from the team at Improve It!, be sure to check out some of these great resources mentioned during the episode:

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