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3 Hacks for Virtual Team Collaboration

Virtual teams have always been a reality in the business world, but the COVID-19 pandemic kicked them into high gear. More and more employees became permanently remote, which meant fewer watercooler conversations or opportunities for coworkers to bond. To be fair, it also meant a workforce that had more freedom over their lives with flexible […]

Beyond Traditional Staffing: How Talent Ecosystems Are Transforming Healthcare Staffing

When we hear “ecosystem,” our mind may first go to a rainforest, desert, or deep into the ocean. However, the word has new meaning in terms of healthcare talent management. As the United States faces unprecedented challenges due to widespread staffing shortages, companies across multiple industries are working to develop solutions to address the momentous […]

Resolving the RTO Conflict Through Collaboration

How can leaders resolve the tricky dilemma of return-to-office (RTO)? After all, 80% of leaders regret their initial approach to RTO, according to a recent report from workplace platform Envoy, and a new Fiverr survey shows 76% of employees spend more time in the office than they would like. According to organizational conflict expert and […]

Leaders and Motivation: Is It Them or Me?

What have you done lately to help your team fully invest in their work? Leaders frequently ask me to explain why some members of their workforce don’t seem fully engaged or motivated. They report that people are just going through the motions or, worse, just doing what’s minimally expected. “In an era when innovation, speed, […]

The HR Pro’s Blueprint for Successfully Navigating an M&A

The company I work for was recently acquired and merged with another organization. Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) are becoming increasingly common. In 2022 alone, there were over 1,800 M&As of enterprise software companies—up by 8% the year prior.  M&As can be stressful and uncertain, and your team will undoubtedly have questions and concerns. But thankfully, […]

How to Build a More Creative, Productive Workplace Today

Creativity is often associated with artistic pursuits, but it’s a skill that has become increasingly important in the workplace, regardless of the field. Creative employees can think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to the problems businesses face daily. However, many companies are not taking the necessary steps to ensure creativity is fostered in […]

5 Reasons to Consider a CRM

Recruitment can be a labor-intensive, costly, and long process. Even if your hiring pipeline is streamlined, juggling which candidates are where isn’t always simple. Enter: a solid candidate relationship manager (CRM).

Remote Management Best Practices: Turn to the 4 C’s

Since transitioning to largely remote work arrangements in March 2020, leaders have witnessed the extraordinary resilience and versatility of their colleagues and teams on a global scale. Teams have continued to serve clients at a high standard and complete tasks while problem-solving for challenges that nobody expected to encounter. As more workplaces announce their plans […]

10 Fun Engagement Games and Activity Ideas for Your Employees

If you want your staff to give you their very best, you need to instill a sense of camaraderie among them. In order to create that coveted team spirit, staff engagement games and other activity ideas could be used to encourage your employees to bond with each other and, thus, work well together.


Are We Missing Out Without Our Commutes?

The shift to remote work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that more people than ever before are working from home offices. Depending on whom you ask, this is a blessing, a curse, or some mixture of both.