HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Building a Platform for Change

Guests: Christie Lindor, Principal of Tessi Consulting

I’m joined by Christie Lindor, Principal of Tessi Consulting. Tessi Consulting is a Black, woman-owned boutique consultancy that offers diversity, equity, inclusion, training, coaching, and more. Christie has served hundreds of global organizations across more than 31 industries in 10 countries, and she brings more than 12 years of experience planning, designing, and implementing DEI programs in Corporate America.

“I created an intersection between my passion for people strategy, management consulting, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. If this is the space I’m in, I need to use this as a platform for change,” Christie said in our interview. Listen in as we discuss her journey from corporate DEI to founding her own consulting agency, best practices for an inclusive workplace, and more!

To read more about Christie’s DEI work, check out her Faces of HR interview and her article.

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