HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Create Meaningful Change in the Workplace

Guests: Kike Ojo-Thompson, Founder & CEO of the KOJO Institute

We celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day this past Monday. While it’s important to use that day to honor Dr. King’s groundbreaking work to address injustice and violence, HR leaders should embrace and teach these values throughout the year. This episode’s guest is Kike Ojo-Thompson, Founder & CEO of the KOJO Institute joins. The KOJO Institute develops and facilitates innovative training, professional development, organizational change processes, keynote speeches, lectures, and critical conversations customized to the unique concerns of each of our clients, their staff, and the people they serve. Tune as Kike discusses workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies, how to develop an anti-racist company culture, and what it takes to effect positive change.

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