HR Works Podcast: Let Go of Those PTO Woes!

Guest: Vicki Salemi, Career Expert at Monster

One of the latest trends buzzing throughout the HR community, especially as employees return from their holiday vacations and embark on 2023, is the realization that employees are increasingly becoming hesitant to use their PTO. Fittingly referred to by job board platform Monster as “PTO woes”, there is a a growing stress among workers when returning to work after taking time off, leading to many avoiding use of their PTO altogether.

In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, we dive into the challenge of PTO Woes with Monster’s very own career expert and regular HR Daily Advisor contributor (among many other accolades), Vicki Salemi.  Vicki gets us up to speed on this emerging workforce trend and identifies some of the major factors contributing to employees’ apprehension in using their paid time off. Listen as she explains why engagement has become a recent challenge for employees upon returning from vacation, and offers advice to HR leaders for changing the perception of PTO in 2023.

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