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4 Employee Retention Tactics That Actually Work

Employee retention is on the mind of every human resources professional. While the job market may finally be settling down a bit and the great resignation isn’t as great as it once was, it’s still important to keep your employees working and your business running. If you’re unable to retain employees, what happens? First of […]

HR Query: How to Manage PTO Effectively in 2024

According to a recent Forbes Advisor study, 40% of Americans plan to travel more in 2024, which means employees may request more time off from work than usual. This is a concern for many workplaces as time off requests and management can put a strain on an entire company. In this week’s HR Query, Tiffany […]

How HR Teams Can Revamp PTO Policies to Meet Employees’ Financial Needs

Although several positive economic developments have occurred recently, from job growth to falling inflation, employees still face various financial challenges, such as wage stagnation, reduced savings, and high debt levels. There has also been a shift in expectations around these challenges; employees increasingly want companies to help them manage and improve their finances. There have […]

Increase in PTO Requests Highlights Need for Flexibility

In a corporate world where the phrase “time is money” is often taken to heart, a refreshing shift is on the horizon. The latest Workforce Insights Report from BambooHR, a cloud-based HR firm, suggests employees are increasingly prioritizing work/life balance. In January 2024, for example, paid-time-off (PTO) requests hit a 4-year peak, signaling a profound […]

Balancing the Scales: How Scheduling Software Promotes Workplace Equity

Maintaining fairness and transparency in the workplace continues to be instrumental in meeting the expectations of a modern and socially conscious workforce. Research from Gartner predicts that in 2024, companies will shift DEI implementation to be less siloed and more integrated throughout the organization. Companies have opportunities to become more equitable and transparent. One way […]

Ask the Expert: Can Time Increments Play a Role in Company PTO Policies?

Question: What’s the minimum amount of time we can require exempt employees to use their paid time off (PTO)? Under our benefits policy, a half day (four-hour deductions) for exempt employees is usually OK, and our nonexempt employees can take PTO one hour at a time, but could we require a similar two-hour increment for […]

HR Query: Applying Unorthodox Methods to Recruit Gen Z

The future of work has much to do with Gen Z as the generation will comprise about 27 percent of the workforce by 2025.  Despite knowing the vital role this generation will play in the years to come, many HR leaders and organizations are unsure about how to recruit and retain Gen Z workers. So, […]

How Convertible PTO Helps HR Teams Meet the Demand for Flexibility

Companies are still getting used to a new era of work. The persistence of hybrid work has led to a permanent shift in employee expectations about how and where they do their jobs, and HR teams need to be capable of adapting to this new normal. Employees are building their schedules around productivity peaks and […]

HR Query: Is Leavism the Latest Toxic Workplace Trend?

As layoffs in various industries continue, employees are feeling the impact of thinning teams on their workload. To stay on top of their tasks, many employees are turning to leavism, where they use PTO time to catch up on outstanding assignments. Although this gives employees the chance to cross things off their list, it also […]

How HR Teams Can Create a Positive PTO Culture

After several tumultuous years for HR leaders and employees, companies are reassessing how they can maximize their workforces’ well-being. Paid time off (PTO) is a critical part of this process, as it gives employees the space to relax, focus on relationships, and take care of personal responsibilities and needs. This enables employees to come back […]