HR Works Showcase: The Era, Episode 1 – Grow from Good to Great

In our premiere of the HR Works Showcase series, we partnered with our friends at BambooHR to share their brand-new podcast series dedicated to the employee experience and the journey organizations are taking as they enter the workplace’s latest era – the Employee Experience Era. Appropriately titled, The Era, this three-part podcast series will take listeners through the shifting workforce dynamics that have put employees at the forefront of organizational priorities in 2022 and beyond, providing valuable insight and shared experiences from leaders and fellow peers of the HR community.

Hosted by BambooHR CEO, Brad Rencher, this pilot episode first explores the psychological contract between employer and employee and the bind on HR to serve both with special guest Rebecca Weaver. Then, we’ll hear about a company vision discredited moments after rolling out. And finally, guest Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot, shares her take on what it means to grow better.

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