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HR Works: Someone Moved My Cheese Again

Dr. Spencer’s Johnson’s insightful book “Who Moved My Cheese” sold 25 million copies and suggested how we can deal with change more effectively. We’ve since learned that adaptability is one of the most important thinking facets, and that emotional intelligence (“EQ”) can be directly linked with an individual’s capacity to adapt. COVID-19 has underscored the importance of good EQ in our management teams. The new normal, which includes more remote workers, virtual meetings, etc., will place a greater burden on leaders to exercise good EQ so that they can engage and inspire their workforces at optimal levels.

The good news is that more often than not EQ can be improved. However, due to the subjectivity that can exist in 360 interviews and other self-reporting techniques, it’s always been a challenge for organizations to accurately assess the EQ of their managers. In this episode, we speak with Don Everett, Founder of Workforce Interactive, and Maria Randall, Vice President Human Resources for Club Assist, to discuss an objective EQ measurement methodology with Nobel Prize nomination credentials. You’ll learn how it can be used to measure the EQ of your leaders with precision so that developmental programs can be effectively implemented.

Don Everett is the founder and CEO of Workforce Interactive. After a 20+ year career in the technology sector with organizations like Oracle, and subsidiaries of Dun & Bradstreet and SAP, he formed his company in 2006 with the intent of providing employers with unprecedented insight regarding human capital analysis.

He is a Values Science expert who has compiled data from over half a million examinees. He is certified on a behavioral instrument associated with a Nobel Prize nomination that is used to provide insight regarding emotional intelligence. His knowledge in this area is supported by patented technology that uniquely factors the thinking values and emotional intelligence of managers and their team members.

Don is uniquely qualified in the field of correlative analytics involving values, emotional intelligence, and workforce operational data. He has performed over eighty occupational studies in which organizational performance metrics were reconciled with corresponding employee values and emotional intelligence. Don majored in Computer Sciences through the Business College at the University of Florida.

We also have with us today Maria Randall, Vice President Human Resources for Club Assist. She has also served as the automotive supplier’s Chief Human Resources Officer since 2016.

Prior to joining Club Assist, Maria has an extensive background in Human Resources and has been at the VP level leading domestic and international HR teams during the past 25 years. Her vast experience in mid-sized and large companies covers diverse industries including automotive, health care, financial services, manufacturing, construction, defense, and utilities.

Maria has a proven record as a change agent for increasing efficiency, reducing costs, improving productivity and organizational effectiveness. She has been in the middle of 30 + mergers and acquisitions and has had considerable impact on the success of bringing teams together for the long-range sustainability of many organizations.

During the past 5 years her focus has been that of consulting with internal leaders on issues around people management, assisting staff with career development and guiding organizational development initiatives such as team structures, identifying and developing high potential talent and senior leadership team and strategy alignment. She is passionate about helping others discover and maximize the best version of themselves.

Finally, On June 10th we’ll be hosting a live webinar called Someone Moved My Cheese Again; and It’s Okay This Time. This webinar will feature Don, Maria, and Ed Sailor, Director North American Customer Service at Coherent, Inc. It complements today’s episode, which focuses on individual leadership development by extending the discussion into team EQ development. You’ll learn how to develop management EQ so that managers welcome change, and cultivate new team norms that yield ideal employee experiences. Register here.