HR Works Podcast Presents Pages of HR: How to Deal with Ageism in the Workplace (Part II)

In last month‘s Pages of HR, I chatted with Patti Temple Rocks. Over the course of her four-decade career in the communications industry, Temple Rocks has held senior leadership positions in different sectors including PR, advertising, and the corporate client side. Patti is also an inspirational leader, builder of teams, creative thinker, problem-solver, and agent of change.

Welcome back to part two of our discussion as we delve further into her book, “I’m Still Not Done: It’s Time to Talk About Ageism in the Workplace.”  Listen in as we discuss how to use the mirror test to determine if you or your organization is being ageist, five tips for mentoring employees over 50 years old, 10 steps to creating an anti-ageism organization, and more.