HR Works Presents Pages of HR: Mentally at Work (Part I)

In the latest episode of Pages of HR, I’m joined by Genevieve Hawkins, a senior executive with extensive experience in leading major change programs in large organizations. We’re discussing her book, Mentally at Work: Optimizing Health and Business Performance Through Connection.

 “Mentally at Work” is about understanding the science behind why connection matters and the practical strategies to build your mental health, the mental health of the team, and the strength of connection that delivers results. In an ever-changing, complex world, how we lead has become an increasingly critical skill. Genevieve hopes that this book can guide leaders to lead in a sustainable way for them, their teams, and their businesses, so that we may collectively reverse the trend of mental illness in the developed world.

In part one of this two-part series, listen in as we discuss Hawkins’ 20-year career in senior management and knowing exactly what this level of leaders face, as well as how a leader’s mental health reverberates through their ranks, the value of connection and what connection with others virtually and physically means for mental health, and more.