HR Payroll Systems Introduces HR Tech Talks Video Series

Orlando, Florida – September 29 2020 – HR Payroll Systems, which matches companies with the HR software vendor that will best suit their unique HR and payroll needs, is introducing a new video series entitled HR Tech Talks. In this vlog, Dave Rietsema, the founder of HR Payroll Systems, interviews HR professionals who share their experiences with adopting a new HRIS.

“Whether a company is adopting an HRIS for the first time or is switching to a new HRIS, there are many challenges to overcome,” says HR Payroll Systems founder Dave Rietsema. “This video series is designed to showcase the experiences of HR professionals so that they can share methods that worked for them.”

In “Episode 1: Switching from Manual HR Processes to a HRIS,” Rietsema interviewed Norm Johnson, the HR manager at the Golden Eagle Casino in Kansas. Prior to adopting their new HRIS, the casino’s HR staff were manually inputting data into Excel spreadsheets. Johnson found reaching out to his network of fellow HR professionals to be useful in the search for an HRIS. Johnson also warned that HR professionals should be cautious about the advertised pricing of any HR software system and should read all of the fine print to avoid paying more than expected.

In “Episode 2: The Challenges of Switching HRIS Software,” Dave Rietsema interviewed Mary Dale, the former CHRO at Metron Integrated Health Systems and current VP of HR at Convivial Brands. She was responsible for deciding to make the switch to a new HRIS at Metron when its former system was no longer meeting the company’s needs. Dale recommended looking at features over price, having found that more expensive did not always equal better.

Founder and CEO Dave Rietsema also has experiences of his own to share in the HR Tech Talks series. Before founding HR Payroll Systems in 2012, Rietsema worked as an HR professional himself for ten years.

About HR Payroll Systems

HR Payroll Systems was founded in 2012 by CEO Dave Rietsema in order to provide companies with a better way to find the right HRIS/HRMS software. HR Payroll System’s vendor match tool asks customers questions about their HR needs and then matches them with the vendors whose software best matches those needs. HR Payroll Systems’ mission is to reduce the time spent on the search for an HRIS. To this end, the company offers a simple 3-step process that fast-tracks the HRIS search process.

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