TCP Announces New Version of its Mobile App for Employee Workforce Management 

New mobile app makes it easier than ever for employees and organizations to input and manage time and attendance data anytime, anywhere

AUSTIN, Tex.—October 22, 2020TCP, a leading provider of workforce management and time and labor solutions, today announced a new version of its mobile app, MobileClock. The app will make doing business easier for remote, hybrid and mobile workforces. Thanks to an improved and streamlined user interface, employees and organizations will be able to input and monitor critical time and attendance data no matter where they are working that day or whether they have access to a fixed time clock device.

At the peak of the U.S. shutdown in early April, 62% of employed Americans reported working from home. Since then, many organizations have shifted from managing a remote workforce to managing a more complex hybrid version. Organizations need a reliable, convenient way to manage both in-person and remote employees, as well as reduce the number of physical interactions in-person employees have with timekeeping equipment.

MobileClock removes the limitations of fixed time collection devices and gives employees the ability to clock in and out from wherever they may be. New updates to the app include a streamlined, efficient mobile user experience for both iOS and Android, creating an easy-to-use personal time clock in the pocket of every employee that will automatically update to have the latest functionality and security features available.

MobileClock allows organizations to deploy mobile capabilities to their workforces by:

  • Managing employee information from anywhere, including time off requests, shift schedules, attendance data, overtime alerts and more, all of which update in real time
  • Tailoring mobile activities per job code, including setting different parameters for clocking in and out for salaried vs. hourly employees or for remote vs. in-person workers, or prompting

employees to complete a health questionnaire before they can proceed

  • Setting validation criteria, including using geolocation to be sure that an employee is in the right place at the right time, and biometric security protection through a phone’s fingerprint

scanner to authenticate the employee’s identity

“The new MobileClock application is as easy as 1, 2, 3,” said Bob Renaut from Industrial Treatment Technologies, a wastewater systems and solutions company. “Using the new application is a breeze. It is intuitive to use and obvious on every screen what the user needs to do.”

“Workers are more mobile today than ever before—and their daily routines, including clocking in and out, must follow suit,” said Leslie Bodnar, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, TCP. “Our improved mobile app will allow both employees the flexibility they need to do their jobs effectively and give organizations the security of knowing that their time and attendance data is accurate and accessible. This allows them to make informed and accurate business decisions in real time.”

The new version of MobileClock is available today, and TCP will also release a kiosk version called TCP MobileKiosk that will enable customers to deploy a multi-user version of the mobile app to any device that supports a mobile operating system, including iOS and Android. For more information, please visit