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California Bill Would Eliminate Impact Assessments for Cal/OSHA Standards

A Senate Bill that would eliminate the need for new or revised Cal/OSHA standards to undergo in-depth economic assessment is one step closer to passage. Eight other occupational safety and health-related bills currently in the legislature could also affect California businesses if they are passed.

California DIR Has Released the 2015 Legislative Digest

The California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) has summarized both new laws and bills vetoed in the past year that are relevant to DIR and its divisions, which carry strong implications for HR compliance. Most of the chaptered bills were slated to take effect on January 1, so if you haven’t caught up yet, now’s […]

Need Better Mentorship? Look to Better Tech

SPECIAL from HR Tech Las VegasIn yesterday’s Advisor, we reviewed healthcare benefit advancements from HR Tech Las Vegas; today, new innovations to help promote mentorship at your company.

Benefit Analysis Technology Helps Control Healthcare Spending

SPECIAL from HR Tech Las VegasThe world of HR is being changed by technology every day in new and exciting ways, with advancements in everything from promoting company culture to benefits management. Castlight Health presented its innovations at this year’s HR Technology® Conference and Expo in Las Vegas.

What conduct constitutes sexual harassment?

“What do you think of when someone refers to sexual harassment? In California, and under federal law, sexual harassment covers a wide variety of behavior–from unwanted sexual attention, to offering favorable treatment in exchange for sex, to sex-related teasing that fundamentally changes the workplace environment, to general hostility directed towards someone because of that person’s sex—even if the hostility itself is not of sex-based origin or [sex-]based terms.” Nicole Legrottaglie explained in a recent CER webinar.