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Is It Time to Stop Screening for Pot When Hiring?

Research from outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray & Christmas finds that as of mid February, recreational marijuana is legal in nine states, while medicinal marijuana is legal in 29 states. Yet, despite shifting perception of marijuana, many companies still utilize drug tests that screen out job candidates who use marijuana.

Fewer Women Became CEOs in 2017

The rate of women taking over the role of chief executive officer declined slightly in 2017.


Skip the Handshake

Interviewing typically begins with a handshake. This winter, however, you may want to forego this formality.

Working at Your Company Soon: Gen Z

Even as employers continue to try and understand the Millennial workforce, a new generation has begun to apply for employment.

Vetting Job Candidates via Social Media

As job seekers expand their digital footprints through social media and other online activity, recruiters are hot on their heels.