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3 Tech Trends for L&D You’ll Want to Know About

More and more organizations are beginning to invest heavily in technologies for training and learning and development (L&D) purposes as such technology continues to get less and less expensive and as such technology becomes more and more pervasive and essential in employees’ everyday work lives.


4 Indications that Your AI-Driven Training Is Working

According to a recent survey, 55% of HR and L&D professionals feel that artificial intelligence (AI) will partially replace HR or L&D roles, while 19% reported that they think AI will completely overpower HR and L&D functions in the near future. And extensive research has shown that the proper implementation of AI in HR and […]

7 Trends Shaping the Future of the Workplace

A new report highlights critical factors affecting the future of work, while demonstrating how an improved workplace experience leads to better employee engagement and company performance.

Can AI Discriminate? Recruiter Training

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prevalent in many aspects of modern life, and it has many applications in the business world, as well. One area that AI has been utilized extensively in is the early phases of the recruitment process. Many businesses employ certain algorithms, or AI, to help narrow down the pool of […]

Companies Face Challenges as the Landscape of Work Changes

A new report finds that while a majority of companies, 63 percent, have a “Future of Work” plan in place, several roadblocks are impeding companies from truly transforming their workforce to be more dynamic.

4 Big Benefits of AI for HR Management

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is popping up frequently in HR-related literature as holding the potential to offer big benefits for many types of organizations and roles, including human resource management. A TLNT article offers four specific applications. Four Big Benefits of AI Laura Mather points to some clear and specific applications of AI to help streamline […]

Can AI Help Demonstrate Business Impact of Training?

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents the ability to leverage technology in ways that allow that technology to learn and improve over time. Already, in markets like manufacturing, AI is being used to streamline processes and perform tasks that can free up employees to focus on higher-impact work. In HR, AI has been identified as a tool […]

How Effectively Can A.I. Build Teams?

A.I. seems to be in the news all the time, whether it’s in movies and tv, controlling manufacturing, and even including human resources, training, and recruiting. We recently sat down with Phil Alexander, CEO and Founder of Nexus A.I., and Frank Cho, COO of Nexus A.I. Their company is dedicated to using A.I. to help […]