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Hiring the Wrong Salesperson Is a $2-Million Mistake

The stakes are very high when it comes to hiring salespeople, says Consultant Joseph DiMisa. It isn’t just a matter of salary and training—it can mean an average of $2 million in lost sales. And it’s not just dollars, adds DiMisa, who is senior vice president and the head of the Sales Force Effectiveness Practice […]


Onboarding Infographic Charts Path for Success

In yesterday’s Advisor, we featured tips for recruiting’s final step, onboarding. Today, a helpful infographic from BambooHR to clarify onboarding programs and what makes them successful. Here’s the infographic:

Onboarding = Step 1 in Retention Program

Onboarding is important for assimilation and productivity, but it’s also your first opportunity to boost retention. ‘There’s Nothing I Can Do’ Many managers have the attitude, “I wish management would do something about retention.” That’s the first thing to correct—it’s every manager’s and supervisor’s job to work on retention. They should realize that it’s for […]

7 Questions (Answer Only if You Want A Players)

Yesterday’s Advisor offered consultant Mel Kleiman’s “eagles or turkeys” hiring advice. Today, seven questions Kleiman, founder of hiring consultancy Humetrics, suggests you ask before you start hiring.

Welcome to the Recruiting Daily Advisor!

Welcome to the Recruiting Daily Advisor! Recruiting—probably the most important job in the organization—is certainly not getting easier. Because your responsibilities or interests include recruiting, you have been selected to receive this valuable new resource.

Seven Sins of Recruiters and Interviewers

Selecting the right people is so basic to success, yet many managers do it poorly, due to either haste or ignorance. Here are seven sins for recruiters and hiring managers to avoid.

Ban the Box Laws: Are You Affected?

‘Ban-the-box’ laws are laws that say you cannot have a question on your application that asks ‘do you have a criminal conviction?’ Typically, applications will ask for an explanation or description if the answer was yes. This forces immediate disclosure.

Testing Do's and Don’ts for the Hiring Process

Not to alarm you, but don’t take choosing a personality test lightly when hiring. There are many services that boast a quick and easy way to profile a job candidate with personality testing. However, taking these shortcuts can result in bad hires that have a negative impact on your bottom line and won’t benefit you […]