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Leadership Transitions: An Exercise to Help Leaders of New Teams

The first 90 days a leader assumes new responsibilities is a critical time to establish credibility and set the direction for the team. Much has been written on this subject, and one terrific resource for this transition is a book written by Michael Watkins in which he offers many helpful suggestions for leaders. Today, and […]


What Is Organizational Diagnostics?

Have you heard the term “organizational diagnostics” or “organizational diagnosis”? It’s quite possible you’ve engaged in organizational diagnostics without using that term. It’s the idea of taking a systematic approach to assessing the organization and determining where there may be problems and is often used during times of change to help organizations uncover hidden, unintentional […]

What the Recent Executive Order Means for the Future of Hiring Federal Job Candidates

The recent Executive Order from the White House focuses on modernizing how the government will assess federal job candidates moving forward. This is an unprecedented shift in government hiring, and now many agencies will be tasked with finding readily available, proven assessment solutions that agencies can implement in a reasonable time period. These assessments need to be […]


A Strategic Approach to Hiring Assessments

Hiring talent has become extremely difficult in the past several years. In the context of a tight labor market, employers are fighting over talent, and applicants are finding themselves in a privileged position.


4 Hints Your Interview Approach Is Pushing Candidates Away

An overwhelming 73% of jobseekers revealed the job search process is one of the most stressful things in life, according to CareerBuilder’s 2017 “Candidate Experience From End-to-End” report.


Your Staff Can Help You Hire—If You Train Them for the Job

When making hiring decisions, it can be a good idea to get a range of input into the decision-making process. After all, great candidates aren’t just great because of their background and skills; they’re also great because they fit well in the team.


Personality Assessments Aren’t Just Limited to Recruiting

Are you using personality assessments during the recruiting process? If so, are you using them for anything else? While these assessments are great for seeing whether a candidate would be a good fit for your company, you would get more bang for your buck if you were to use them throughout the entire employee life […]

Poor Assessments Are Harming Your Business and Your Workers

Any L&D professional worth his or her salt will understand the benefits of proper assessments: They guarantee a level of competence among the workforce, and they also represent an investment in the human capital that makes the company run smoothly.


What Is Skills Mapping?

How do you assess what skills your employees need to be trained on? What about figuring out what skills already exist in the organization and what will be needed in the future?