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Relying on Attrition (Instead of Layoffs) to Reduce Head Counts

As the global economy continues to flirt with recession, many employers have already begun letting large numbers of employees go. This trend is particularly evident in the tech industry, where companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft (among others) have laid off more than 70,000 workers in the past year. And that’s just one industry. The […]


Benefits of Making Your Employees Shareholders

After the introduction of the Accountable Capitalism Act last year, many organizations are starting to explore different ways to offer their employees a stronger voice, more business equity—essentially, more “skin in the game.” Many start-ups have already been offering their employees shares and stakes in their company for years because they don’t have many other […]

Finding a cure for bad bosses

Horror stories abound of bad bosses. Some are bullies, others inept, still others well-meaning but ineffective. Whatever the reason, bad bosses damage productivity and morale. They also take a toll on an employers’ ability to recruit and retain top talent. A recent survey from online career community Glassdoor on the impact of managers on employment […]