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Internal Social Media: Open the Floor to Boost Employee Engagement

More companies are using unfiltered social media as an internal communications channel in a bid to increase transparency and employee engagement. Here, HR tech expert Nigel Davies explains why the benefits outweigh the potential risks.


Cutting Back When Your Company Is Holding Too Many Meetings

Sometimes, a project or even a single decision requires the input and approval of a number of employees. Trying to manage that process through e-mail can take a long time and isn’t always the best format for discussion and collaboration.

AI Opens the Door for Hiring More Diverse Candidates

Competition for talent is fierce, and the pool for top candidates is seemingly small. That means finding, recruiting, and retaining talented employees is more challenging than ever before.


What’s the Craziest Thing You’ve Seen a Potential Candidate Do to Land the Job?

As a hiring manager, you probably encounter hundreds of résumés at any given time. And let’s face it: Sometimes, it’s a mundane chore to sift through the candidates trying to find the perfect fit. You’ve probably encountered résumés filled with typos and some that seem to stretch the truth a little too far, but once you’ve gotten […]


Major Employers Exploring VR Training Potential

Effective and efficient training is essential to employee development and the overall success of the organization. Companies are constantly trying to find ways to provide thorough and realistic training while minimizing the cost of that training and the time required to provide it to employees.


6 Tactics Managers Can Use to Develop Employees

It’s not uncommon for companies to promise professional development to job applicants during the hiring process. Employee growth programs carry enormous value and are often a given in bigger, more developed companies. They stem from organizational culture and values, take years to build, and have dedicated HR teams that refine them on a daily basis.


When Employees Should Escalate Issues (Part 1)

Employers value employees who can operate independently and don’t need to be micromanaged. Similarly, particularly among employees with some level of management responsibility or who aspire to such responsibility, there is often a desire to handle things on their own without asking supervisors for help. At the same time, managers are there for a reason, […]


4 Ways to Leverage Technology and Change the Way You Recruit

First impressions matter, and the biggest mistake hiring managers can make is to ignore the importance of how they recruit. In today’s world of social media and company review sites, if even just one candidate has a bad experience (during any point in his or her hiring process), the world can hear about it. And […]