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Is GenAI Knowledge More Valuable than a College Degree?

In an evolving job market where the demand for technological expertise is skyrocketing, traditional four-year college degrees are being reassessed against real-world, tech-based skills. A recent survey by Intelligent.com highlights a significant shift in employer preferences, emphasizing the growing importance of experience with technologies like ChatGPT over conventional academic qualifications. The survey, which gathered insights […]

How to Leverage AI in your Next Executive Job Search

Artificial intelligence (AI) is capturing the headlines right now, thanks to new consumer-friendly tools like ChatGPT, Gemini, and other interfaces. There’s great potential in these new tools for both those seeking employment and those doing the hiring. For executives, leveraging AI is all about balance. It can definitely play a role in your job search […]

Managing artificial intelligence in the workplace

The last several years have seen artificial intelligence (AI) become mainstream in the workplace. Today, HR professionals widely use AI tools for recruiting, onboarding, and administering leave and benefits. Managers use generative AI to assist with their administrative and supervisory responsibilities, such as writing performance reviews. Engineers use AI to write or check code. And […]

Business Leaders Are Leaning into AI

There’s often a stereotype around the disconnect between business leaders and new technology. Readers of a certain age likely remember the common caricature of the elderly manager dictating information to a secretary because the manager never learned how to type or the boss who simply couldn’t or chose not to understand e-mail. While these examples […]

The Importance of Reskilling and Upskilling in an AI-Driven Work Environment

Upskilling enhances and broadens an individual’s skills while reskilling involves acquiring new skills for a different job or career. In this era of automation, both upskilling and reskilling have become crucial since they allow workers to adjust to evolving technologies and job demands. People often use the term “future of work,” I believe a significant […]

HR Perspectives: Top Human Resources Trends for 2024

For Human Resources executives, the new year arrives amid a slew of contradicting trends. Revenue streams are flowing steadily for many businesses, yet their company stock performances have underwhelmed. Despite perceptions of a weakened economy, firms are struggling to fill vacant job openings amid a low unemployment rate. Well-managed remote workplaces increase productivity, but executives […]

3 Ways Conversational AI Can Help You with Strategic Recruitment

It seems like artificial intelligence (AI) is all over the news these days. ChatGPT seemed to take the world by storm in 2023, and there’s no indication that the AI craze is going to loosen up any time soon. In fact, it seems clear that AI is only going to become more and more relevant […]

The Future of AI in Corporate eLearning

Since the dawn of 2023, AI has become the dominant topic of discussion in business, technology, medicine, education, engineering, design, the arts, and public policy—nearly everywhere. Corporate eLearning is no exception, with generative AI tools already available that can aid instructional designers and architects of eLearning platforms. Much of the focus this year has been […]

How AI Can Uplift the Videoconferencing Experience

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly becoming a mainstay in our everyday lives. Whether it be text-to-image generators like DALL-E or language-processing tools like ChatGPT, sophisticated AI tools are revolutionizing the way we work.  That’s especially true in the hybrid workplace, where organizations are searching for new ways to bridge the gap between distributed employees. Given […]

How HR Leaders Can Navigate Their Use of AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) bots have flooded the Internet. Since the release of ChatGPT, AI’s potential to revolutionize the workplace has become apparent, especially in the field of HR. With the ability to create e-mails and even lengthy articles, AI can streamline HR tasks like drafting employee communications, writing job descriptions, and analyzing data. That being […]