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How HR Can Help Companies Adapt to the Rapidly Changing Workforce

Companies face an ever-expanding range of workforce crises, from an extremely tight labor market to new norms and expectations in the workplace that are forcing HR teams to meet more stringent employee demands than ever before. As if these problems weren’t difficult enough, rampant inflation and rising interest rates are threatening to cause a severe […]

7 Exit Interview Questions You Have to Ask

In the hustle and bustle of hiring a replacement for a former employee, the exit interview can be one of those things that slips your mind. While it is important to continue to look forward and make progress on hiring to fill your open positions, employees who transition out of your business can also provide […]

Purpose Connects Employees to Their Workplaces

A company’s office used to be the gathering place for employees to connect, collaborate, and conduct their best work. The COVID-19 pandemic changed all that. People got a taste of working from home, and they liked it … a lot. Today’s employees don’t have the strong connection to their physical offices. A study by consulting […]

Tackling the Great Resignation? It’s All About the Health Benefits

The “Great Resignation” has been covered, discussed, and analyzed ad infinitum. It is hardly a fresh topic, admittedly, but it’s going to remain a topical one for the foreseeable future. According to Quest Diagnostics’ 2022 Health at Work study, more than 3 in 4 (78%) HR leaders say their organizations have been impacted by this […]

Faces of HR: Jeff Ostermann on His Best Mistake, Seizing the Moment, & Making a Positive Impact

Before Jeff Ostermann got his start in the HR industry, he held various finance and business leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies. Now with nearly three years of skin in the HR industry, Ostermann says stepping into a Chief People Officer role was a “natural evolution.” “Throughout my prior business career, I had always been […]

Thinking Differently About Incentivizing High Performance

The traditional employment relationship is a relatively straightforward exchange between employee and employer whereby an employee provides labor in exchange for money and benefits—health insurance, paid leave, etc. An employee’s incentive to do adequate work is the desire to keep his or her job; fail to meet expectations on an ongoing basis, and sooner or […]

Faces of HR: Candace Smith on Reimagining HR, Strategic Partnerships & More

Candace Smith has been involved in the field of human resources (HR) for more than a decade. For our latest Faces of HR profile, we sat down with Candace to discuss how she got her start in the industry, her biggest influences, as well as what it takes to cultivate a successful employee experience. “I […]

Recruiting the Right Fit for Remote Work in the Face of the Great Resignation

The world of work has changed, and it looks like remote work is here to stay. Pandemic lockdowns changed life for most of us, and almost synonymous with the pandemic is the surge in working from home. Our living rooms and spare rooms, couches, and balconies have become the engine rooms of our economies (pets, […]

5 Steps to Better Interview Questions

Are your interview questions starting to feel stale? The way the recruitment landscape is going, there’s a heavy burden on the employer to ace the interview process. You don’t want to waste much time; if you have an open position at your company, it’s vital to get it filled as soon as possible. A string […]

Faces of HR: Jennifer Trzepacz Talks Keeping the ‘Human’ in HR, Her Best Mistake, and Reimagining the Workplace

Jennifer Trzepacz has more than 20 years of experience implementing operational and talent strategies at transformative, industry-leading companies. During her career, not only has Trzepacz held talent leadership positions at fast-growing technology companies, but she has also been an early adopter of HR technology, supporting many start-ups to build out their product offerings for mainstream […]