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Are All Your Employees Speaking the Same Language?

Technology skills are becoming more important than ever in all industries—no matter what type of business or organization you work for, everyone is trying to be more like the leading tech companies of Silicon Valley. However, even though the values, ethos, and culture of tech start-ups have become more influential than ever before, many employers, […]

How to Build a Climate That Encourages Open Communication

A lot of organizations talk about the importance of fostering creativity and openness within their workplaces. Great ideas can come from any level of the company, and these organizations recognize that there is a real danger in leaving decision making exclusively to the upper echelons. However, despite their best efforts, many organizations suffer from company […]


The HR diet: how to change things one bite at a time

by Jo Ellen Whitney Sometimes it seems you can’t turn on the television, open a magazine, read a newspaper, or look at the Twitterverse without hearing all about the latest diet craze. Despite what marketers have been selling for ages, we all know that none of those promises is true. Any kind of drastic change, […]

Turning to a union―what’s going on?

by Richard Reinhardt Under the National Labor Relations Act, all employees―whether they work for government employers, unionized companies, or private companies without a union―have a right to attempt to unionize and speak with other employees about unionization or the terms and conditions of their employment. As traditional union strongholds such as automobile and manufacturing decline, […]

Corporate Communication 1, 2, 3

by Michael P. Maslanka I spend a lot of time thinking about corporate communication, both internal and external. And here is a bold statement: There is nothing more important. Work gets performed, sales are made, and brands are created, all through communication. Here are some keys. Basic Training for Supervisors Say first what it’s not […]