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Leadership & Cybersecurity: Learning from the Cyberattack on Change Healthcare

Hospital and health systems have been going through the wringer for a few years now. The last thing CEOs needed on their plate was a cyberattack at the scale and magnitude of the one Change Healthcare suffered. And yet, what is being called “the most significant cyberattack on the U.S. healthcare system in American history” is now […]

Managing artificial intelligence in the workplace

The last several years have seen artificial intelligence (AI) become mainstream in the workplace. Today, HR professionals widely use AI tools for recruiting, onboarding, and administering leave and benefits. Managers use generative AI to assist with their administrative and supervisory responsibilities, such as writing performance reviews. Engineers use AI to write or check code. And […]

The Employees Secretly Using Generative AI at Work and Why Employers Should Care

The rise in sophistication and availability of generative AI tools has opened up immense potential for humans to make their lives easier by shifting some of their tasks to such tools. And that potential certainly extends to the workplace where many employees have discovered generative AI can do a lot of their work for them, […]

Here’s How Electronic Signatures Improve HR Data Security

Electronic signatures have grown more prevalent across all industries. Human resources, especially, have adopted various methods of digital fingerprinting for greater convenience, smoother processing, and more protected contract management. Those still relying on wet signatures put themselves, their employees, and their companies at risk of fraudulent activity. Explore the dangers of wet signatures and examine […]

HR Should Play a Key Role in Incident Response

Cybersecurity and the crucial role HR professionals play are more urgent topics than ever in today’s digital landscape. You may think cybersecurity is solely an information technology (IT) department concern, but think again. While IT handles the technical aspects, HR can make or break the human element by educating staff, enforcing policies, and communicating effectively. […]

An Ounce of Prevention: Establish an Effective Privacy/Cybersecurity Program

Data breaches have become common occurrences. Nearly every business—including nonprofits—collects, stores, and uses personal information (PI) that’s valuable to bad actors. All organizations store and process PI about their employees, and many nonprofits store and process PI about their donors and volunteers. Bad actors can cause financial harm to those whose PI is stolen, but […]

HR Query: Solving the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage with Creative Recruitment

Cybercrime is currently ranked among the top 10 global risks by the World Economic Forum and the global talent shortage in cyber stands at 3.4 million. Furthermore, many cyber leaders expect cyber risks to worsen. According to the Global Security Outlook report by the World Economic Forum, 91% of respondents said they believe a catastrophic cyber event is […]

Remote Work: Tips You and Your Employer Can Implement for Security

Most companies sent their employees home to work in March 2020, adding to the threat vectors of cyberattacks. Employees who had never worked remotely suddenly found themselves sitting at their kitchen table trying to manage their day of work. Tasks like security that were traditionally “someone else’s job” were now the responsibility of every employee. […]

HR Teams Play an Integral Role in Safeguarding Employee Data

One of the weightiest responsibilities for any HR department is the protection of employees’ personal data. Consider the amount of sensitive employee information companies possess: tax documents, Social Security numbers, insurance information, bank account numbers, and candidate data. The major breaches we see in the headlines are typically focused on the theft of customer data, […]

Effectively Managing Employee-Targeted Digital Risks in 2023

Despite increased investment in cybersecurity, data breaches cost businesses an average of $4.35 million in 2022, according to AAG, an IT support services company. Amir Tarighat, digital privacy expert and CEO of cybersecurity company Agency, says that cybercriminals have increasingly turned their attacks to the personal devices of employees to gain access to employer data. […]