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Is Software like AI Evolving Faster than We Can Keep Up?

Yesterday we began a discussion with the Chief Product Officer of Monster, Chris Cho, concerning artificial intelligence (AI) and the future of HR and recruiting. Without further ado, here is the rest of that discussion.

Candidates Don’t Seem to Mind Talking to AI

AI seems to be a critical part of the future of HR and recruiting. Today, we are joined by the Chief Product Officer of Monster, Chris Cho, to discuss AI.

Why Having No Remote Work Policy Isn’t a Great Idea

In yesterday’s Advisor we spoke with Upwork’s Zoe Harte, Senior Vice President of HR and Talent Innovation about the increasing trend towards remote workers. Today we’ll look at the rest of that interview, as well as an infographic of their survey results.

Are Workers Just Lazy? No Says Expert

We recently sat down with Jason Forrest, CEO and Chief Culture Officer at FPG (Forest Performance Group) to discuss the topic of his new book, WTF: Why Training Fails.

Asking for Help Is OK—But Does Your Culture Reflect That?

Learning is a process, and it should be OK to ask for help—but many in the workplace are reluctant to do so. Today’s Daily Advisor has tips on adjusting the cultural aspects of asking for help in an article by Jo Eismont, a social media and Web editor with years of experience in the learning […]

The 9 Key Skills of HR Management

Today and tomorrow we revisit the most popular article of our sister publication, the HR Daily Advisor, in which Jay Schleifer and Stephen Bruce, PhD, PHR, present nine essential skills of human resource (HR) management. Which of these skills do you already have, and in which areas could you use some training?

The Formula for One-on-One Success

Today we present an article by Deidre Paknad, CEO and cofounder of Workboard. Paknad has been recognized twice by the Smithsonian for innovation, has more than one dozen patents and, in today’s Training Daily Advisor, she provides advice for leaders looking to get the most out of their one-on-one meetings with employees.

The Disease of Destructive Management—6 Symptoms to Look Out For

Destructive management is like a plague on a productive workplace—would you know the symptoms? In today’s Training Daily Advisor, we learn about the top signs that management is killing morale from Shawn Murphy, CEO and founder of Switch & Shift, an organization dedicated to the advancement of human-centered organizational practices and leadership. In many workplaces […]

Employment Branding: Software, Training, Success

Yesterday’s Advisor featured tips from Heather Polivka for building your brand with employee ambassadors. Today we will discuss more of her tips, including software to help training and levels of employee involvement. Polivka, senior director of Global Employer Branding & Marketing at United Health Group, offered her branding tips at the HR Technology Conference held […]