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7 things I learned while practicing labor and employment law

by Tom Daniel I have had the privilege of practicing labor and employment law in Alaska for 31 years. Over that time, the law has become more complex, and more laws than ever before now apply to the employment relationship. Here are some nonlegal principles I have learned that might help you avoid legal disputes […]

Tough talks for tough situations at work: How to keep calm, get success

Maybe an employee’s performance has gone downhill or someone’s prickly personality is making coworkers miserable. Or maybe a personal hygiene problem requires action. Any number of situations that land in HR’s lap can trigger the need for a difficult conversation. No pat set of instructions exists since each situation is unique, but keeping a few […]

Necessary evil? Study blasts performance reviews, but documentation still vital

A survey showing most U.S. office workers have negative feelings toward traditional performance reviews may not be earth-shattering news. It’s hardly a surprise to learn that large numbers of employees consider such reviews stressful, tiresome time-wasters with fallout often coming in the form of tears and resignations from disappointed workers.  Despite widespread disapproval, traditional reviews […]

Honesty in HR matters: It really is the best policy

by Susan Llewellyn Deniker According to one of Billy Joel’s many great songs, “Honesty is such a lonely word, everyone is so untrue. . . . Honesty is hardly ever heard, but mostly what I need from you.” Sure, honesty is admirable and virtuous, but it’s also the best policy for handling employment matters. Even […]

Reviewing the review: Avoid legally risky mistakes in performance evaluations

The end of the year is a time that’s both hectic and reflective, and it’s that reflective thinking that’s put to use in evaluating employee performance. Whether evaluations are done at the end of the year, the beginning of a new year, or at various times, it’s important to keep the basics of legally sound […]

Document Employee Behavior Today to Avoid Lawsuits Tomorrow

by Eric B. Topel Charles “Slip” Shod has been employed by your company for more than two years, during which time you have received repeated complaints from vendors about his performance. In your capacity as a member of human resources, you begin reviewing the other matters on which Slip has been working and determine that […]