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Answering the Challenge of Talent Retention Among Gen Z and Millennial Workers

In the aftermath of the pandemic, businesses across the globe grappled with unprecedented workforce challenges. Amidst the turbulence, a particular narrative emerged, casting Gen-Z and millennial workers in a controversial light. Critics hastily attributed a perceived decline in work ethic to those younger demographics, sparking widespread debate about their commitment to work. However, these oversimplified […]

What To Do as Soon as an Employee Quits

No matter your industry, company size, or product, there’s one experience that’s universal to all functioning businesses. A quitting employee. When employees quit, it’s easy to get in our emotions and make things personal. But people leave their jobs for all kinds of reasons, and it’s more important to focus on your game plan than […]

4 Ways Employers Can Clearly Define Benefits to Better Support New Parents at Work

Becoming a parent is an exciting and rewarding time. It can also be stressful, especially if you are a working parent. The different circumstances surrounding this journey are as numerous as the number of toys you are likely to accumulate before and after a baby arrives. Some people are single parents, some start families very […]

Faces of HR: Sabra Sciolaro on Acts of Courage, Coaching, and Communication

Meet Sabra Sciolaro, Chief People Officer (CPO) at Firstup, a content and collaboration software company. Sciolaro brings not only more than 15 years of HR and organizational development experience to her role but also a history of leading transformational change and strengthening employee engagement in myriad industries, including software development, cybersecurity, retail, and health care.  […]

How to Handle a Difficult Employee

Within your company, is there one employee who just kind of gets everyone’s guard up? Maybe they’re a bit rude or forceful. Maybe they kick back too often and let others pick up the slack. Or maybe their negative attitude is just a total drain on business operations. The problems they bring to the table […]

3 Tips for Perfecting Employee Engagement in the Hybrid Workplace

Fifty percent of workers are back in the office, and a recent study says it’s likely to stay that way. With hybrid work as the new normal, businesses must develop innovative ways to engage their employees, which goes beyond laptops and hand sanitizer. Here are three ways to improve employee health, connection, cleanliness, and culture: […]

Data Illustrates Extent of Time Spent on Communication Apps

An office cliché from the pre-COVID years is the concept of “watercooler talk,” the idea that employees gather informally around the office in places like the watercooler, coffee machine, or breakroom and make small talk, exchange gossip, or just socialize. With the widespread shift to remote work in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, you […]

The Importance of Employee Resilience and How to Support Resilience in Your Team

Resilience is one of those nebulous concepts that can be difficult to manage within a business setting. It’s seen as a personal thing, something that is within the remit of the individual alone. And while enhanced personal resilience is clearly beneficial to the organization that any given individual works with, it’s not typically the role […]

Recent Tech Layoffs Illustrate the PR Challenges of Layoffs

Many workers around the country and around the world dream of landing a job in Silicon Valley. America’s tech sector is seen as a place of fat paychecks and exciting, cutting-edge work. And for many, that’s exactly what it is. But a recent pandemic-triggered tech employment boom-bust cycle illustrated the fleeting nature of these jobs […]

4 Tools to Improve Employee and Human Resources Communication

Communicating with your employees is a vital piece of the pie when it comes to a thriving company. But it isn’t just communication from management that matters. The HR department needs to be able to disperse information quickly and clearly, making sure employees know all of their rights and also what’s expected of them. Employees […]