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The Rise of the 4-Day Workweek                                                      

The decade ahead will likely be known for innovations we haven’t even imagined yet. In the workplace, it may be known for the rise of a new way of scheduling employees: the 4-day workweek. As overwork has become a chronic issue, entire countries have started piloting and testing shorter workweeks. Between 2015 and 2019, Iceland […]

Science-Backed Tips for HR Leaders: How to Prioritize When Everything Seems Like a Priority

A recession is coming, and many leaders are rethinking their current HR strategies to stay afloat. While many technology giants have resorted to mass layoffs, Apple has taken a people-first, long-lasting approach: investment in its HR program. After all, a satisfied workforce is a successful workforce. Understanding the importance of the employee experience, Apple has […]

5 Things You Shouldn’t do to Work-from-Home Employees

Many business insiders believe the 2020 coronavirus pandemic kicked off the work-from-home revolution. On the contrary, it merely accelerated it. Workers were already seeking more flexibility by the time the first toilet paper run hit. 5.7% of workers were already working remotely in 2019, and the number was slowly increasing (source). But there’s no denying […]

Non-Linear Workdays

One of the biggest buzzwords in work culture in the COVID era has been “flexibility.” Workers demand it, and employers are under constant pressure to provide it. Most readers are surely familiar with the classic COVID-era pillar of flexibility—remote work—even if they haven’t personally been able to enjoy the arrangement. A New Way of Working […]

Faces of HR: Kristen Kenny on Empathy, Building Culture & Instilling Values

In undergrad, Kristen Kenny studied teaching and business management. She was still considering her options one summer when she started working as a Recruiting Coordinator at Fidelity Investments. Although she had found the role via a temp agency, Kenny would soon find out that there was nothing temporary about her serving in HR. Suffice it […]

Data, More Flexibility and Transparency Will Shape HR in 2023

This year, we should expect the HR field to make further use of data to make informed decisions around the growing remote/hybrid workforce. In this dynamic landscape, HR professionals should stay informed on the latest issues and best practices in order to effectively support their organizations and the needs of their employees. If they do […]

New Hire

Key Employee Concerns Post-Pandemic

For over 2 years, employees, employers, and just about everyone else across the globe have been eagerly awaiting the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic caused widespread disruption in work, community, and family life and created tremendous stress among workers. As the pandemic recedes in many parts of the world, however, new challenges and […]

It’s Time for HR Pros to Throw Out Résumés and Unstructured Interviews

Workforces and talent pools have changed dramatically in recent years; labor is more mobile than ever, diversity and inclusion have become increasingly vital for all companies, and the recruitment and retention of skilled workers is crucial to remain competitive in the global economy. Meanwhile, employees are demanding greater flexibility, professional development opportunities, and higher wages—all […]

Faces of HR: Niki Jorgensen Talks Culture, Being Intentional, and Investing in Talent

Before graduating college, Niki Jorgensen knew that a career In HR was for her. After graduating, however, she started working with financial services clients, where she managed and analyzed customer service experience data. A decade would nearly pass before Jorgenson would return to her true passion: HR. Today, Jorgensen is Director of Service Operations for […]

The Five Ways—Beyond Pay—Companies Can Win the War for Talent

According to a new survey of more than a thousand knowledge workers commissioned by Kizen, respondents most frequently cite financial security and compensation as the most important aspects of their jobs. That’s not surprising.  Thankfully, businesses don’t need to offer the highest pay in order to offer the most attractive jobs. Our tech company pays […]