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How to Build a More Creative, Productive Workplace Today

Creativity is often associated with artistic pursuits, but it’s a skill that has become increasingly important in the workplace, regardless of the field. Creative employees can think outside the box and develop innovative solutions to the problems businesses face daily. However, many companies are not taking the necessary steps to ensure creativity is fostered in […]

Are Workers Starting to Turn the Corner on a Return to the Office?

In recent years, the remote work narrative has focused on the tension between employers and workers, with workers willing to quit rather than return to the office and employers chomping at the bit to get workers back in the building. Remote Work Works for Some Of course, this is a big oversimplification. Many employers have […]

Why Mindset Manager Will Be the Most Important Role for 2023

There’s a huge amount of power in the individual mindset. It can cripple a person’s performance and life experience. It can carry you through the hardest of times. It can bring goal achievement within reach or leave dreams always beyond your grasp. It’s an incredibly potent thing. But it can be incredibly difficult to manage, […]

Faces of HR: Cris Grossmann on Being an Agent of Change, the Cost of Inaction & Pushing Boundaries

Cris Grossmann’s passion for frontline workers was ignited during his childhood growing up in Mexico City. On summer afternoons, he’d visit both of his grandfathers who worked in factories and each one taught him valuable lessons. On one hand, Grossmann learned how to produce paints and color and, on the other, he learned how a […]

Encouraging PTO to Avoid Burnout in 2023

In today’s workplace, work-life balance, flexibility, psychological safety, and advocacy for mental health and well-being are all signs of a positive culture. With employee burnout at a record high, organizations are looking for new ways to keep their employees productive, happy, and stress-free. Fortunately, organizations already a tool they can utilize: paid time off (PTO). […]

Bare Minimum Mondays

Just when we thought we’d heard enough new terms, a new trend has gained prominence among employees who shirk their responsibilities and their employers. Employees Cutting Back on Commitment “Bare-Minimum Mondays” is a new social media-inspired trend popularized by Marisa Jo Mayes, a TikTok creator and start-up founder. In an article for CNN, Holly Thomas […]

How to Maximize Your Productivity When Working from Home

Working remotely seems like a dream come true, but there are some challenges to working in your comfort space. When working from the office, there is usually less room for distraction, and depending on your work environment, management is on the floor to ensure you and your coworkers are doing your tasks.  Remote work provides more autonomy […]

Employee Satisfaction Is the Key to Improving Productivity

The “Great Resignation” is far from over. In fact, it appears to be heating up. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the percentage of unemployed Americans who voluntarily left their jobs and immediately began looking for new ones increased to 15.9% last month. This is the highest share of “job leavers” in more than […]

How to Increase Employee Engagement Efficiently and Effectively

When a company has high employee engagement, it means its people are committed to the company’s values, goals, and work. In other words, engaged employees are involved and show up not because they get paid but because they are emotionally invested in the company. An organization that encourages and supports employee engagement will therefore generally […]