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Tips to Increase Employee Productivity

Getting productivity levels up is something all managers and HR team members have a vested interest in. Keeping the organization running at optimum levels is the best way to know when new hires are needed and also to be most effective in spending payroll dollars.

Productivity Flounders When Organizational Goals Don’t Align with Employee Goals

Every organization wants its employees to be as productive as possible. A lot of factors, however, can impact their productivity. Recent research by Gallup suggests that aligning employee goals with organizational goals can make a huge difference. The problem is, a lot of employees do not think that is possible.


Increasing Employee Productivity Without Impacting Morale

Open office layouts were introduced a few decades back as a means to increase employee productivity. When employees come out of their designated cubicles and work alongside colleagues in a collaborative environment, they are likely to be more productive—or so was the objective.


4 More Performance Metrics to Drive L&D Initiatives

Adding to yesterday’s post, here are four more performance metrics you should weigh if you want to develop and drive strategic and effective L&D initiatives that will continue to help your organization outpace its competition for years to come.