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Improving Employee Relations Must Be a Priority

A recent study found something very surprising: Nearly half of employees do not know their coworkers’ names. There are many excuses for this, including that some employees work remotely or in a different location or you work with so many people that you couldn’t possibly know them all. But what about that one guy? You […]

Don’t Forget About Your Internal Customers: Your Employees

By Jen Carsen, JD I recently watched an interesting video from WorldatWork about creating a consistent employee experience at the Walt Disney Company. Two senior HR executives discussed how the whole HR department has been working together for the past several years to increase the global consistency of the Walt Disney employee experience.

Business lessons from WrestleMania 31

The biggest sports entertainment event of the year is in the books. Did you miss it? Nope, I’m not talking about the NCAA Tournament or even the Cricket World Cup—by the way, you can rest easy since Australia beat New Zealand by 7 wickets to capture its 5th Championship—I’m talking about WrestleMania 31. Yes, the […]

Metrics: Don’t Go to Management Without Them

Metrics for Compensation and Benefits Sullivan suggests that rather than trying to use a statistical method to evaluate pay fairness, use an employee survey on perceptions of pay fairness compared with work expectations. Here are the measures he suggests: Amount in total compensation and benefits costs needed to generate a dollar of revenue. (Usually expressed […]