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Personalization: The Key to Retaining Your Employees in an Uncertain Economy

It’s no secret that the pandemic changed how and where people work. As businesses attempt to adapt to today’s ever-evolving workplace, managers and HR professionals can’t ignore that employees’ priorities have changed. According to the latest JOLTS report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3.9 million employees voluntarily left their jobs in January 2023 despite […]

Training as a Retention Tool

Many companies face the challenge of recruitment and retention, but companies that can provide meaningful employee development opportunities have a distinct advantage in the marketplace, as employees are increasingly looking for employers that are willing to invest in their long-term growth. Investing in employee training and development not only allows companies to attract and retain […]

Science-Backed Tips for HR Leaders: How to Prioritize When Everything Seems Like a Priority

A recession is coming, and many leaders are rethinking their current HR strategies to stay afloat. While many technology giants have resorted to mass layoffs, Apple has taken a people-first, long-lasting approach: investment in its HR program. After all, a satisfied workforce is a successful workforce. Understanding the importance of the employee experience, Apple has […]

3 Keys to Support Your Employees and Build Loyalty at the Same Time

Businesses are still reeling from the Great Resignation, and it doesn’t appear that trend will be putting on the brakes in 2023. Research by Robert Half Talent Solutions shows that 46% of respondents are looking for a new job or plan to during the first 6 months of the year. Also, by 2030, the United […]

5 Ways to Build a Learning Culture

Retaining employees should be at the top of any company’s priority list. Nevertheless, keeping good talent has become much more difficult today, as exemplified by trends like the Great Resignation. Modern workers crave meaning in their jobs, so many leave for better opportunities. In fact, research from LinkedIn shows that 94% of employees will stay longer at […]

10 DEI Metrics That Matter

What gets measured gets done. Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are top of mind for companies large and small, but making notable progress on long-standing challenges around DEI requires a plan to set goals and then collect timely and relevant data to track progress. Companies have invested millions into DEI initiatives. When a company spends […]

5 Ways to Recruit Top Gen Z Talent

If you’re a hiring manager, you know hiring can be difficult. It’s not just about finding someone who meets the qualifications and can do the job; it’s about finding someone who will fit into your culture and your team. Your hiring strategy must account for the personalities and expectations of different generations. And if you’re […]

The Biggest Employee Retention Challenges Employers Face in 2023

A dynamic and volatile global environment has created tremendous challenges for organizations looking to not only keep their heads above water but also outperform and outcompete their competitors. In the modern global economy, it’s people who drive the success of the best companies, which means organizations are constantly striving to recruit and retain top talent. […]

How to Enhance Employee Retention by Rethinking the Onboarding Process

It’s estimated that 47 million people left their jobs in 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, prompting a flurry of “Now Hiring” announcements as everyone from major corporations to small businesses struggle to attract and retain top talent. Of course, many of these workers didn’t leave the workforce but rather changed jobs, […]

Want Workers to Return to the Office? Try Making It Greener

Amid a heightened war for talent among companies post-pandemic, U.S. employees have higher expectations for green office spaces and want their employers to make eco-friendly practices a priority, according to new research. Hygiene and health company Essity recently conducted a survey of workers who have returned to the office at least part-time and found that the vast […]