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Is Upskilling the Key to Employee Retention?

The pandemic fundamentally scared companies. For the first time in a number of years, companies were scrambling to hold onto staff and watching a growing wave of vacancies erode any capacity for production, even after forced separation was no longer required. Some corporations even went so far as to continue to pay employees during their […]

What Money Can’t Buy: The Role Employee Engagement Plays in Retention

Retaining high-performing employees is a critical endeavor for HR leaders. It’s even more high stakes today, considering the cost of turnover carries a price tag many organizations can’t afford right now. What’s the easiest way to retain your top talent? Salary is an important factor, but it might not move the needle on retention as […]

Latest U.S. Jobs Data Shows Labor Market Remains Tight

The U.S. economy, and the labor market in particular, has vexed experts and observers for months now. Despite doomsayers predicting imminent recessions and others pointing to widespread tech layoffs as a harbinger of a more general end to the Great Resignation (and despite months of aggressive central bank interest rate hikes), recent data illustrates just […]

Why Recognition Is a Key Driver for Employee Retention

ADP finds that more people are staying in their current roles than last year, and while this news illustrates a slightly rosier outlook on the job market, the labor shortage is far from resolved. Achievers Workforce Institute (AWI) research shows that 66% of HR leaders say the labor shortage is getting worse. This figure should […]

New Report Illustrates Trends in Recruitment

One of the reasons companies care so much about employee retention is that it’s difficult, time-consuming, and costly to onboard new talent. Nevertheless, individual companies and departments don’t control the labor market, and they have to work with the world that exists, not the one they wish existed. Increasingly, companies are turning to third-party providers […]

HR Query: The Biggest Mistakes Companies Make with Their DEIB Efforts

While some companies continue to make progress in prioritizing DEI, others have cut budgets and laid off DEI leaders who were hired in waves after George Floyd’s murder in 2020. Workplace DEI efforts continue to become part of national political debates, including new anti-DEI policies that constrain companies’ abilities to move the needle forward in […]

Summer Hours: Pros and Cons for Businesses

As the United States moves further into summer, the weather and long days can bring a welcome mental health boost but can also be distracting for some employees. Instead of focusing diligently on work, they may spend their Friday afternoons mentally packing for that weekend cabin trip or sneaking out a bit early to play […]

Work Schedules: The Secret to Improved Employee Morale and Retention

Work schedules do more than merely dictate when employees clock in and out. Employers must understand that schedules are a powerful tool that can empower employees, enhance their morale, and improve retention rates. This was further emphasized in our recent report, The State of the Hourly Worker, which revealed that 79% of shift workers agree […]

12 Metrics Every HR Professional Should Track

Metrics have always been an important part of HR, but to many HR professionals, 2022 was the year they became essential. In an incredibly tough job market, a political landscape where everything felt flipped upside down, and a rocky economy, companies were desperate to hold onto their employees as priorities shifted and workers made drastic […]

Personalization: The Key to Retaining Your Employees in an Uncertain Economy

It’s no secret that the pandemic changed how and where people work. As businesses attempt to adapt to today’s ever-evolving workplace, managers and HR professionals can’t ignore that employees’ priorities have changed. According to the latest JOLTS report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 3.9 million employees voluntarily left their jobs in January 2023 despite […]