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Business Leaders Are Leaning into AI

There’s often a stereotype around the disconnect between business leaders and new technology. Readers of a certain age likely remember the common caricature of the elderly manager dictating information to a secretary because the manager never learned how to type or the boss who simply couldn’t or chose not to understand e-mail. While these examples […]

Using Gamification to Engage—and Educate—Employees

In today’s competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining top talent hinges on more than just traditional incentives. Employers are increasingly turning to innovative strategies to engage and develop their workforce, with gamification emerging as a key player in modern employee training programs. This approach, which integrates game design elements into non-game contexts, is revolutionizing how […]

How To Prioritize Employee Satisfaction in Client-Facing Companies

With client-facing roles, there is an expectation for employees to put their best foot forward and represent the company well in each interaction. Often, this can result in employees feeling an extra sense of pressure at work as they balance client meetings and tackling other deliverables in their roles. In particularly busy times, this can […]

Onboarding and Training for a Rekindled Remote Work Era

While companies like Amazon make headlines for their back-to-the-office mandates, the reality is that working from home (WFH) is not going away, with a large portion of U.S. workers reporting that they would quit or look for another job if ordered back to an office. This is forcing organizations to reconsider the way they onboard […]

Best of Learning & Development 2023

At the end of the day, employees are a company’s biggest asset. Learning & Development initiatives are just one of many ways to help bring out your workers’ potential. LinkedIn found that 83% of organizations want to build a people-first culture, and 81% of L&D departments are helping to make that happen. As we near […]

Demand for AI Skills Far Outpaces Supply

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a high-tech revolution that has been around for a while. But it’s reached peak attention recently with the advent and rapid adoption of generative AI (GenAI) apps like ChatGPT and Bard. But as interest and adoption increase, both are outpacing the availability of people with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to […]

Virtual Reality Is the Future of Employee Training

From operating an oil rig in the middle of the ocean to active shooter drills, much of the cost, complexity, and danger in training can be reduced or eliminated by incorporating virtual reality (VR) technology. Traditional training methods require classrooms with paid instructors, equipment, learning tools, and occasionally travel expenses. Most companies simply don’t have […]

Big Benefits in Involving Employees in the Budgeting Process

Budgeting is a predictable annual process for most, if not all, organizations. But it’s a process that often takes place in a top-down fashion. Senior management, often with input from their finance leaders, sets the direction and allocates resources based on organizational priorities. Seems logical, but while this approach has its merits, it overlooks a […]

New Report Illuminates State of the Labor Market ‘Skills Gap’

The digital landscape is ever-evolving, and so are the skills required to navigate it. A recent report by Adobe delves into the perceived digital literacy gap, shedding light on the skills that are truly in demand and how they align with the perceptions of employers and employees. The Skills Landscape Adobe’s report highlights a disconnect […]

Bridging Skills Gaps at Scale: The Power of Training Partnerships

A recent McKinsey report found that 87% of employers anticipate or are currently encountering shortages in necessary skill sets. Add to that, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are rendering certain human capabilities obsolete, and we’re experiencing a concerning number of job losses across industries. These changes have created a disparity between the required skills […]