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The Growing Appeal of Video and Interactive Employee Training

Remember the old days of dozing off during slide after slide in a stuffy conference room? Those days are fading fast. Now, businesses are getting smart about how we learn at work, bringing in video and interactive training to spice things up. It’s not just a new way to learn—it’s turning the whole learning game […]

AI in the Workplace: Crafting Policies for Employees’ Use of Generative AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly prevalent in workplaces, providing new opportunities and new challenges for employers and employees. While AI has the potential to improve efficiency and productivity, its use also raises important questions around issues like privacy, discrimination, and job displacement. Employers that choose to implement AI should consider including a provision in […]

How to Create an Employee Mentorship Program

In the ever-evolving landscape of professional development, mentorship remains a constant catalyst for personal and professional advancement. However, despite its undeniable importance, there persists a gap between recognizing the value of mentorship and its actual implementation. According to Forbes, a staggering 76% of employees acknowledge the significance of mentorship, but only 37% have the privilege […]

Mental Health in the Workplace

In recent years, mental health has become a central topic in workplace discussions, reflecting a broader shift toward well-being and employee support. Organizations are increasingly recognizing the importance of mental health and are implementing innovative programs to help employees manage stress, anxiety, and other mental health issues. Emergence of Mental Health Awareness With the rise […]

The End of Non-Competes? What HR Professionals Need to Know About the FTC’s Latest Ruling

Non-compete agreements, often used to protect business interests by restricting the ability of employees to enter into competition with their former employers, have been a staple in employment contracts for years. As detailed in our previous discussion on non-compete agreements published on March 4, 2024, these agreements are designed to safeguard trade secrets and investments […]

How to Assess Candidate Integrity in Interviews

In the hiring or recruiting process, evaluating candidate integrity is integral to ensure you are bringing in the right person for the organization. Beyond skills and experience, integrity is the indicator for trustworthiness, accountability, and principles — indispensable qualities for a principled workplace. Interviews are the time to delve into candidate values to gauge alignment […]

Business Leaders Are Leaning into AI

There’s often a stereotype around the disconnect between business leaders and new technology. Readers of a certain age likely remember the common caricature of the elderly manager dictating information to a secretary because the manager never learned how to type or the boss who simply couldn’t or chose not to understand e-mail. While these examples […]

Using Gamification to Engage—and Educate—Employees

In today’s competitive business landscape, attracting and retaining top talent hinges on more than just traditional incentives. Employers are increasingly turning to innovative strategies to engage and develop their workforce, with gamification emerging as a key player in modern employee training programs. This approach, which integrates game design elements into non-game contexts, is revolutionizing how […]

How To Prioritize Employee Satisfaction in Client-Facing Companies

With client-facing roles, there is an expectation for employees to put their best foot forward and represent the company well in each interaction. Often, this can result in employees feeling an extra sense of pressure at work as they balance client meetings and tackling other deliverables in their roles. In particularly busy times, this can […]

Onboarding and Training for a Rekindled Remote Work Era

While companies like Amazon make headlines for their back-to-the-office mandates, the reality is that working from home (WFH) is not going away, with a large portion of U.S. workers reporting that they would quit or look for another job if ordered back to an office. This is forcing organizations to reconsider the way they onboard […]