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HR Query: Keeping it Professional—Strategies for Discussing Elections in the Workplace            

The election is in full swing with Trump vs Biden head-to-head. But what does this mean for workplaces? New data found that employees and leaders are on completely different pages when it comes to political conversations at work. Amidst polarized workforces, tension in trust, and urgency to speak up, employees are dissatisfied with how leaders are […]

After Layoffs, Here’s How to Rebuild a High-Trust Work Culture

The recent swath of layoffs couldn’t have come at a worse time for companies. Even before the staff cuts, most were already facing a crisis of trust. According to DDI’s 2023 Global Leadership Report, just 32% of leaders say they trusted senior leadership in their organization to make the right decisions, and fewer than half […]

Balancing the Scales: How Scheduling Software Promotes Workplace Equity

Maintaining fairness and transparency in the workplace continues to be instrumental in meeting the expectations of a modern and socially conscious workforce. Research from Gartner predicts that in 2024, companies will shift DEI implementation to be less siloed and more integrated throughout the organization. Companies have opportunities to become more equitable and transparent. One way […]

6Everyday Practices for Building Trust, Especially in Times of Change

When I work with our clients who are implementing an organizational change, the most critical ingredient to a successful change or transformation is always trust—trust among leaders, within teams, and across the employee culture. However, if we find that trust is missing, eroded, and/or neglected, even before the organizational change is initiated, we know we’re […]


Build the Muscle to Innovate with Trust

The pandemic has tested the plasticity of company cultures like never before. Organizations that were flexible enough to change large parts about how they operate, and do it quickly, were able to spark innovation that will outlive the circumstances that motivated those changes in the first place. In some cases, entire businesses changed, not just […]

Good HR Is Like Good Relationships: It’s All About Trust

The importance of trust between employers and employees cannot be overstated, and it works much the same as trust works within personal relationships. Creating initial trust and maintaining it take a lot of work but not as much work as regaining the trust of a hurt partner or, in this case, a group of employees. […]

What’s in a Name? Maybe a Lot More Than You Realize

Management doesn’t care about us—they don’t even know who we are. Management walks around the office and never talks to anyone—it’s like we are invisible.

How Can Organizations Create a Culture of Trust?

“They just don’t get it!” How many times have you heard your managers lament that their direct reports missed a deadline, failed at a task, or didn’t have the strongest approach to a situation? Perhaps they didn’t step up to a challenge that was presented to them, and your team is beyond frustrated that their […]

Why can’t we all be Googley?

by Vanessa L. Goddard What makes a business a good place to work? Those of you who do not unwind by watching YouTube or reading Wikipedia entries may be surprised to learn a little about Google as an employer. Remarkably, Google has unlimited sick leave—an unheard of, mind-boggling concept. Google has legal aid (ahem). The […]

How trusting are employees? Study finds good, bad news for employers

Ever wonder how much employees trust their employers? Ever wonder if trust is even important? A new study from the American Psychological Association (APA) shows reason to worry about the level of trust workers have in their employers. As to the question of whether it’s important that workers trust their employers, the researchers say a […]