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Employee Enthusiasm Score Up from 37% to 87.5%? Here’s How

In yesterday’s Advisor, Megan Lee, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, told how her company organized flextime when every employee had to be physically on-site every day. Today, more about her program, including the extraordinary results she achieved.

To Attract Best Candidates, You Must Offer Flextime, but …

One of the most highly rated factors for attracting applicants to your organization is flextime. But offering it isn’t always easy. Megan Lee, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, tells how she did it in a company where every employee has to be on-site in person every day.

The Candidate Experience Matters! 6 Facts for Every Employer

The candidate experience (even for those applicants you don’t hire) can say a lot about your company. Employers that keep candidates in the dark as to where they are in the application process (or simply neglect to acknowledge their application) are unwittingly leaving a bad impression—and it can take a toll on the business and […]

Recruiting Sin #2: Ignoring the Importance of Your Employment Brand

As the economy improves and unemployment decreases, some companies are finding themselves in a perplexing and frustrating position—they are unable to fill certain roles with qualified individuals despite large numbers of available applicants. What is causing this disconnect?

EVP—Enron’s Was Chiseled in Marble

Many EVPs (employee value propositions) have nice-sounding platitudes that don’t represent how the organization behaves, says consultant Stephanie Tarant, PhD. Take Enron, for example, she says.

Punching Up Your EVP—Promoting Your Corporate Brand

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the value that applicants and employees perceive the employment deal to offer, says consultant Stephanie Tarant, PhD. She calls it “the foundation of an organization’s reputation as a place to work.”

Are You Attractive to Potential Employees?

It is quite simple. In order to attract the best employees, you must look as if you are the best company to work for. Appearance is everything. A very basic first step in managing your image is to review how you present your company, says Jasmine Rojas, BLR® legal editor.