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Do’s and Don’ts of Female Retention and Advancement

Research shows women are graduating from college and professional programs in roughly equal numbers to men—in fact, their graduation rates in many fields are outpacing their male counterparts’. And yet, when we look at the upper echelons of leadership, men greatly outnumber women.

The Search for Leaders Might Be Too Narrow

Yesterday we began an interview with Adam Canwell, the Global Leader for EY’s leadership offering in Melbourne, Australia to discuss their recent Global Leadership Forecast survey. Today we’ll look at the rest of that interview.

Using Tech to Enhance Peer-to-Peer Learning

In yesterday’s Advisor, Turning Technologies Cofounder and CEO Mike Broderick shared the first two of three ways that corporate trainers are effectively tailoring their training to an increasingly tech-savvy workforce; today, we present his third strategy.   A leading innovator with over 20 years in the group response industry, Broderick is a recipient of the […]

Gamification and Learning Technology—A Training Win for the Digital-Savvy Workplace

In an article first appearing on HR.BLR.com®, Mike Broderick, cofounder and CEO of Turning Technologies, shared how the combination of gamification and learning technology can give every training program a boost. A leading innovator over 20 years in the group response industry, Broderick is a recipient of the prestigious Ernst & Young “Entrepreneur of the […]

Size of Your Workspace? Depends on the Time of Day

At a ribbon-cutting ceremony for its new Connecticut facility, executives of Deloitte touted their innovative workspace concept that will have junior and senior executives “rubbing elbows” in collaboration—literally! The company’s space in the building is much below the usual allotment for the number of employees. How will the 1,300 workers all fit?

Do You Train on Diversity as a Competitive Advantage?

Ernst & Young, LLP, which ranked among the top 10 companies on DiversityInc’s “2014 Top 50 Companies for Diversity” list and the 2014 National Association for Female Executives (NAFE) “Top Companies for Executive Women,” has demonstrated a sustained commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. The firm, which was ranked third on the DiversityInc Top 50 list […]

Retirement Plans: Should Employers Advise Their Workers on 401(k) Investment Options?

With the enactment of the Pension Protection Act of 2006 (PPA), plan sponsors were given a freedom they didn’t have before. The legislation, which William Arnone of Ernst & Young calls “the most far-reaching legislation impacting benefits since ERISA,” enables plan sponsors to offer employees investment advice without exposing themselves to liability for the outcome […]

News Notes: Worker With Disabled Child Protected By The ADA, Court Rules

An employee who claimed she was fired because her newborn daughter had a disability has been given the green light to sue her employer under the Americans with Disabilities Act. Karen Abdel-Khalek, who worked for Tenenbaum and Associates, Inc., gave birth to a baby with serious health problem. Several months later, while Abdel-Khalek was on […]