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Hiring: Do We Really Need an At-Will Statement in All Employee Documents?

We are in the process of reworking all of our selection and hiring paperwork. I’m trying to insist on strong at-will language throughout, from application to offer letter to handbook. But our management is trying to improve retention and wants to brand the company as “a great place to work.” They think the at-will language […]

Is Bullying Doing More Harm than Harassment?

Bullies may be causing more harm in your workplace than sexual harassers, according to a new study, “Outcomes of Aggression and Harassment.” Although both bullying and harassment have negative consequences, the study concluded that employees who experienced various types of workplace aggression—bullying, incivility, or interpersonal conflict—were more likely to quit their jobs, be less satisfied […]

Great California Workplaces: Insomniac Games Is a Winner in Motivating Employees; The Game Plan for Success

What makes an organization a terrific place to work? We set on the path to find out with the Employer Resource Institute’s 2006 Great California Workplaces Award contest. As we discovered, keys to a great workplace include unique, innovative, and effective programs that combine to create a relationship of respect and trust between employer and […]

Exit Interviews: Do Employers Listen to Employee Feedback?

A recent survey of 150 executives shows that most employers—76 percent—are acting on feedback given by departing employees during exit interviews. The survey was conducted for staffing service OfficeTeam by an independent research firm. When asked how often they acted on information gathered during exit interviews with departing employees, 19 percent of executives polled said […]

Employment Law Tip: Keeping the Focus During the Holidays

According to the results of a new poll by Accountemps, most employees get distracted and are less productive during the holiday season. The poll included responses from HR, finance, and marketing executives at the country’s 1,000 largest companies. Forty-four percent of executives polled said their employees are less productive the week before a major holiday, […]

News Flash: Employer Advisor Takes Another Honor

We’re proud to report that California Employer Advisor recently received its second award for excellence in Instructional Reporting from the international Newsletter Publishers Foundation. The award was presented last month in Washington, D.C. We won our first award in the same category in 1996. However, we give the real credit to our subscribers, for the invaluable comments […]