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Year-End Reporting: Double Check Forms Before Submitting—It Could Save You Thousands of Dollars

Year-end reporting season is a chaotic time for business owners and Human Resources personnel across the country. This year brings with it just the second season of earlier deadlines for W-2 and 1099-MISC reporting, so businesses can feel overwhelmed and pressured with the need to file on time to avoid fines.


OSHA’s Enforcement Push: 27 Separate Cases with $100,000-plus Fines

By Jim Stanley, President, FDRsafety Big fines make big news as was evident when OSHA recently proposed $16.6 million in penalties in a deadly explosion at a Kleen Energy Systems construction site in Connecticut. But day-in, day-out announcements of OSHA fines may be just as significant because they illustrate the depth of the agency’s enforcement […]


Immigration Bill Pushes High-Tech Plan for Employment Verification

Immigration reform legislation continues to heat up on both the state and federal fronts. In the midst of protests surrounding a new Arizona law that critics see as a license for racial profiling, a group of Democratic senators unveiled a new federal bill on April 29 that would require employers to use biometric social security […]